Graduation Period V and VI 2022/2023



  1. Level of Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in East Java in particular and throughout Indonesia in general;
  2. Face-to-face learning plan at Universitas Brawijaya Odd Semester Academic Year 2022/2023;

with reference to:

  1. Letter from Plt. Director General of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology Number 0431/E/KM.00.02/2022 regarding the Implementation of Learning in 2022;
  2. Rector’s Circular Number 7636/UN10/TU/2022 concerning Lectures for the Academic Year 2022/2023 to be held Offline/Face-to-Face Learning (PTM) while still implementing the Health protocol.

On the basis of the above, we inform you of the schedule and procedures for the implementation of Universitas Brawijaya Graduation for Academic Year 2022/2023 as follows:

  1. Brawijaya University’s graduation procession for now will be held offline/on-site.
  2. The offline Graduation event will be scheduled as follows:
Period Day/Date/Time Period Activity
PERIOD V Friday / 25 November 2022 /

15.15 WIB – finished

Saturday / 26 November 2022 /

08.00 WIB – finished

Graduation Procession
PERIOD VI Saturday / 26 November 2022 /

15.15 WIB – finished

Sunday / 27 November 2022 /

08.00 WIB – finished

Graduation Procession
  1. Graduates who are registered in Periods V and VI at SIAM, MUST fill out the confirmation form for Graduation Implementation completely and correctly via the link: using the same NIM and Telephone Number when registering for graduation on the SIAM application. Fill in the confirmation form starting on November 10-19, 23.59 WIB, after that date there will be no cancellation and addition services. Failure to confirm is considered to have resigned from the scheduled graduation procession. If graduates are having problems logging in, please send an email to: [email protected] / call WA 082131424040;
  2. Graduates who cannot attend the graduation procession in the previous period and plan to repeat in the current periods of 2022/2023, do not need to fill out the graduation confirmation form at the link in point c. Graduates repeat that it is enough to confirm with the staff of the Faculty/Postgraduate School to be further reported to the graduation committee while still paying attention to the maximum quota of the building;
  3. The Graduation Procession in that period used a “Toga” which had been taken by the participants or sent by the Faculty/Postgraduate School. Graduates who have not received the Toga are expected to immediately confirm with their respective Faculties/ Postgraduate Schools. The provisions for clothing at the time of the procession are as follows:
    • Male graduates wear white shirts with black ties / adjust, neat and in a toga without a faculty necklace (gordon).
    • Female graduates wear national clothes if possible or adjust to existing conditions but remain neat and in a toga without a faculty necklace (gordon).
  4. The distribution of diplomas to graduates will be carried out during the Graduation Procession at the Samanta Krida Building.
    In addition to the graduates who are present, they also invite parents or companions for each graduate, a maximum of two people.

We hope for the cooperation of the Faculty/Postgraduate School Leaders to inform and coordinate the graduates so that the offline graduation procession and the distribution of diplomas can run in an orderly, smooth manner and still comply with the Covid-19 Health protocol.

Thus, for your attention and good cooperation, we thank you.


a.n. Rector

Vice Chancellor I,

Prof. Dr. Aulanni’am, drh., DES