Animals and Plants in the Campus

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) has a beautiful, shaded, and comfortable campus for students to have activities in. There are many gazebos provided to meet the comfort needs of the entire UB academic community. UB also decorates the campus environment with various kinds of flora and fauna including beautiful gardens with various trees planted including shade trees (trembesi and mahogany), guiding trees (palm, ivory coconut, oil palm), tropical fruit collection trees (durian, mangosteen, breadfruit, tabebuya, longan and rambutan), tropical flower trees (kantil, ylang and bintaro) and collectible ornamental trees (star blue, maranta, and aralea).
While the fauna of UB include swamp cucak, green cucak, bali starling, bekisar chicken, and various kinds of local birds, emprit birds, finches, and terocokan are released in the campus area.