Universitas Brawijaya provides various types of scholarships for outstanding students and underprivileged students from government agencies and non-government institutions. The management, registration, and selection of UB scholarships are held online and offline by the UB Student Affairs Section.

Scholarships provided by the government include:

  • Dikti Affirmation Scholarship
  • Bidik Misi
  • PPA

There are also scholarships that come from collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Culture and companies, including:

  • CIMB Excellence Scholarship (BU-CIMB)
  • Smart Nusantara Scholarship (BNC-BRI)
  • OSI Scholarship (International Science Olympiad)

Other scholarships given by UB to its students are scholarships given by institutions/companies, both public and private in collaboration with UB, including:

  • Djarum Scholarship
  • I-MHERE Scholarship
  • Pertamina Scholarship
  • Bank Indonesia Scholarship
  • Supersemar Scholarship

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