Master Program

Faculty of Law (FH)

  1. Law Sciences
  2. Notary

Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB)

  1. Economic Science:
    • Interest of Development Planning
    • Interest of Financial Economics
    • Interest of Regional Finance
    • Interest of Population and Work Force
    • Interest of Society Empowerment
    • Interest of Islamic Economics
    • Interest of Banking and Monetary
  2. Management
    • Interest of Marketing Management
    • Interest of Financial Management
    • Interest of Human Resource Management
    • Interest of Strategic Management
    • Interest of Operational Management
    • Interest of Agribusiness Management
  3. Accounting Science

Faculty of Administrative Science (FIA)

  1. Business Administration Science:
    • Interest of Business Policy
    • Interest of Development of Human Resource
    • Interest of Development of Information System
    • Interest Organization and Leadership
  2. Public Administration Science:
    • Interest of Public Policy
    • Interest of Public Management
    • Interest of Regional Government Administration
    • Interest of Regional Financial Administration
    • Interest of Regional Planning
    • Interest of Community Empowerment
  3. Manajemen Pendidikan Tinggi (Master of Art and Higher Education/MAHE)

Faculty of Agriculture (FP)

  1. Agricultural Economics
  2. Land and Water Management
  3. Sociology
  4. Agronomy
  5. Agribusiness
  6. Plant Pathology
  7. Agricultural Entomology

Faculty of Animal Sciences (FPt)

  1. Animal Sciences
    • Interest of Cattle Reproduction and Glorification
    • Interest of Cattle Nutrition and Feed
    • Interest of Cattle Production
    • Interest of Animal Husbandry Agribusiness
    • Interest of Cattle Production Technology

Engineering Faculty (FT)

  1. Civil Engineering
    • Interest of Transport Engineering
    • Interest of Structure Engineering
    • Interest of Urban and Regional Planning
    • Interest of Construction Management
  2. Mechanical Engineering
    • Interest of Energy Conversion Engineering
    • Interest of Industrial Engineering and Management
  3. Electical Engineering
    • System of Electrical Engineering
    • System of Control and Electronics
    • System of Communication and Informatics
  4. Water Resource Engineering
  5. Built Environment Architecture
  6. City and Area Planning

Medical Faculty (FK)

  1. Biomedic
    • Interest of Pharmacology
    • Interest of Toxicology
    • Interest of Immunology
    • Interest of Microbiology
    • Interest of Parasitology
    • Interest of Anatomy
    • Interest of Prevention Medic
    • Child Health Science
    • Emergency Medicine Science
    • Neuro Disease Science
    • Radiology
    • Anesthesiology and Reanimation
    • Lung Disease Science
    • Clinical Pathology
  2. Master of Hospital Management
  3. Midwifery

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK)

  1. Water Cultivation
    • Interest of Living Environment Resource Management

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA)

  1. Department of Biology
    • Biology
  2. Department of Chemistry
    • Chemistry Science
  3. Department of Physics
    • Physics Science
  4. Department of Mathematics
  5. Department of Statistics

Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP)

  1. Agricultural Product Technology
  2. Agroindustrial Technology
  3. Agricultural Engineering

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP)

  1. Social Science
  2. Communication Sciences

Faculty of Cultural Studies

  1. Linguistics Science

Faculty of Computer Science

  1. Computer Science

Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKES)

  1. Nursery
    • Interest of Emergency Nursery
  2. Dietician

Post Graduate Program (PPS)

  1. Women Studies
  2. Environmental Resources Management
  3. National Defense Studies


The list on this page are based on certified programs taken from LPM‘s page.
Please note that programs still undergoes certification process are not included here.

This page was updated on 26 April 2024.