Doctoral Program

Faculty of Law

  1. Law Science
    • Interest of Criminal Law
    • Interest of Agrarian Law
    • Interest of Economic Law
    • Interest of State Administration

Faculty of Economics and Business

  1. Economic Science
  2. Management Science
  3. Accounting Science

Faculty of Administrative Science

  1. Administration Science

Faculty of Agriculture

  1. Agriculture Science
    • Interest of Agronomy and Horticulture
    • Interest of Plant Biotechnology and Glorification
    • Interest of Plant Pest and Disease
    • Interest of Land and Environment Resource
    • Interest of Agriculture Economics
    • Interest of Natural and Environment Resource
    • Interest of Agriculture Development Counseling and Communication
    • Interest of Coastal and Marine Environment
    • Interest of Agriculture Product Technology
    • Interest of Agriculture Industry Technology

Faculty of Animal Husbandry

  1. Animal Husbandry Science
    • Interest of Cattle Nutrition and Feed
    • Interest of Cattle Production
    • Interest of Cattle Agribusiness
    • Interest of Cattle Product Technology

Faculty of Engineering

  1. Civil Engineering Science
  2. Mechanical Engineering Science

Faculty of Medicine

  1. Medical Science
    • Interest of Biomedics
    • Interest of Reproductional Biology
    • Interest of Medical Technology

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences

  1. Fisheries and Marine Science

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  • Biology
    • Interest of Bioengineering
    • Interest of Bioconservation

Faculty of Agricultural Technology

  1. Food Science
  2. Agroindustrial Technology

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

  1. Sociology

Postgraduate Program

  1. Environmental Science and Technology