Coat of Arms, Logo, Motto, and Mascot

Coat of Arms

lambang UB

The coat of arms of Universitas Brawijaya is in pentagonal form, with black as the base color, with the gold-colored picture of Raden Wijaya (Prabu Brawijaya) inside the pentagon, as the manifestation of the God Wisynu, with four hands, holding lamp, snail, truncheon, dan chakra, wearing Candra Kapala crown, with a couple of Perwara Gods on the left and right side as the followers of the King, as depicted below:


The meaning of the University’s coat or arms is as follows:

  1. The overall symbol depicts the nature or characteristic of Universitas Brawijaya.
  2. Pioneership spirit as possessed by Raden Wijaya (Prabu Brawijaya), is depicted on gold color.
  3. Universal is depicted by glowing blue color.
  4. Upholding the philosophy of Pancasila is depicted on golden colored pentagon.
  5. Courage to uncover the wrongs is depicted in the form of candra kapala crown.
  6. Law enforcement is symbolized by truncheon.
  7. Destroying the wrongs is depicted in the form of chakra weapon.
  8. Everything is performed by purity along with the duty to maintain and guide, like the nature of Wisynu, is depicted in the form of fanka or siput.
  9. Believing on the living substance is depicted in the form of lamp.
  10. Thus, the coat of arms depict the overall spiritual characteristics of Raden Wijaya (Prabu Brawijaya) which is always based on Pancasila values.


Meanings of the elements in the logo

  • Letters “UB” in the sphere describe UB in a dynamic world community.
  • Three pieces of wings around the globe sphere showing the three basic principles of Higher Education (education and teaching, research, and community service) that is implemented on the global scale.
  • Gold color of the letters and pictures imply wisdom and glory.
  • Blue color as the background illustrates that universitas Brawijaya is universal.
  • The Frame, a square (equal on all sides) gives meaning of fairness.

UB’s Motto : “Building up Noble Future.”

UB’s Motto implies the meaning of “Building the glory of the future”.


UB’s mascot is called BRONE which stands for Brawijaya Number One. BRONE has a concept as a companion robot that guides the information. He is able to learn and grow. The meaning of UB’s mascot is as follows:

  1. A robot shape has a meaning of innovation and represents a strong and coherent form. Therefore, it is able to represent the concept of strength of competitiveness.
  2. With the dominance of blue, yellow, silver, and black, each color represents the meaning of trust, happiness, modernization, and elegance.