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2015, UB Admits 14 Disabled Students

http://prasetya.ub.ac.id/berita/2015-UB-Admits-14-Disabled-Students-17230-en.html 01 Sep 2015 •  Universitas Brawijaya (UB) admitted 14 disabled students in 2015. Of the number, eight of them are in Bachelor Program while the remained are in Vocation Program. Disabilities they have mostly in deaf (9), blind (2), tuna daksa (1) and cerebral palsy (1).Diploma III Study Program of Informatics Man... (readmore)

PSLD Convened LKTI of Disabled's Auxiliary Devices

http://prasetya.ub.ac.id/berita/PSLD-Convened-LKTI-of-Disableds-Auxiliary-Devices-17229-en.html 01 Sep 2015 •  Universitas Brawijaya (UB) becomes the winner on Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) of auxiliary devices for disabled. The event was held by Disability Services and Study Centre (PSLD) UB on Monday (24/Aug/2015). In the competition, UB represented by Enno Roscita and Yohana Kristinawati from Fac... (readmore)