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A TEPs Lecturer as the Keynote Speaker at International Conference of Membranes for Clean Water

30 Oct 2014 •  Dr. Yusuf Wibisono, STP. MSc, a lecturer from Bioprocess Engineering Study Program, Agricultural Engineering Department, Faculty of Agricultural Technology Universitas Brawijaya was invited to be the keynote speaker. He was asked to speak at an international conference "Conference of Membrane Techn... (readmore)

PKAK UB Holds Technical Assisting to Prevent Corruptions

28 Oct 2014 •  A corruption in Indonesia is liked an iceberg. The look from the outside is only a small part, but the unseen thing is submerged by huge sea. That is stated by the Head of Anti-Corruption Study Center ( PKAK ) of Universitas Brawijaya ( UB ), Prof. Dr Sjamsiar Sjamsuddin in Technical Assisting of R... (readmore)