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MORFEUS, a More Economical and Environmentally Friendly Nano Fertilizer Reactor

http://prasetya.ub.ac.id/berita/MORFEUS-a-More-Economical-and-Environmentally-Friendly-Nano-Fertilizer-Reactor-16734-en.html 27 May 2015 •  The students of Agriculture Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture Technology, Brawijaya University (TEP FTP-UB) reach the fund of 11.1 million rupiahs from Creative Work of Student Creativity Program (PKM-KC) which is held by Directorate General of Higher Education. Work in Mechatronic Laboratory for... (readmore)

FK-UB actively Roles in Indonesian Medical Education Regulation

http://prasetya.ub.ac.id/berita/FK-UB-actively-Roles-in-Indonesian-Medical-Education-Regulation-16716-en.html 26 May 2015 •  Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya (FK-UB) as an active member of Indonesian Medical Education Institution Association (Asosiasi Institusi Pendidikan Kedokteran Indonesia/AIPKI) is expected to give aspiration in national policy making. Therefore, on Tuesday (26/May/2015), was held a workshop... (readmore)