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UB and Istanbul Aydin University Agreed to Cooperate

http://prasetya.ub.ac.id/berita/UB-and-Istanbul-Aydin-University-Agreed-to-Cooperate-17000-en.html 03 Jul 2015 •  Istanbul Aydin University Turkey and Universitas Brawijaya (UB) agreed to cooperate. Signing the cooperation protocol was organized on Thursday (28/May/2015) between the 2015 NAFSA event in Massachusetts The United States of America. The signing was witnessed by Dr. Ngadirin from Education and Cult... (readmore)

UB Students Qualified for Research Fellows Selection by JASSO

02 Jul 2015 •  Three students of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) pronounced to be qualified for research fellows selection in Kumamoto University. The three students of double degree programme in aquaculture is supported by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization). They are Elma Rosita Uliyawati, Galih Mita Setiawa... (readmore)